Mrt Breath Controller New Version

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v2  Added CC11 support.
This is the new breath controller solutions redesigned and modified based on our customers’ needs. The headset is still like Yamaha BC3A with a mouthpiece and a drain cup. The neck headset has been redesigned to have an aesthetic appearance on the stage. It consists of totally washable and demountable parts. Its only difference from a BC3A is that its output voltage ranges between 0 to 5v.

MRTaudio breath controller solutions comes with its own midi box converter which is re-programmable according to four options and you don’t need a computer to program the midi box. You can send CC1, CC2, CC7 and CC11 MIDI signals. It supports three MIDI channels ( Chn1, Chn2, Chn3, etc.) at the same time. It’s got an excellent fast  response time to your applied breath.

 Programmable to send different MIDI controllers and CC11.

-Supports three MIDI channels

-Compatible with Yamaha BC3A


It is a MIDI converter which can also be used with Yamaha BC3A Breath Controller (TM). The Breath Controller accepts the BC3A and MRTaudio headset as input and generates continuous MIDI data corresponding to the amount of breath pressure applied to it. Default setting of the breath controller sends CC7 midi volume signals and 1,2,3 midi channel control. 

The new MRTaudio controller chip has been reprogrammed and has new features. 
First, it has much faster response. 
Second, it is programmable to send different MIDI controllers and aftertouch as Mod Wheel (CC 1),Breath Controller (CC 2),Volume (CC 7) and Aftertouch. The default setting is Volume (CC 7). 
You can use 1 channel or 1,2 channel and in the last section 1,2,3 midi channel at the same time. Default 1,2,3 midi channel boosts your extra gain for Yamaha BC3A section when used with Yamaha BC3A. 
Breath Controller also accepts the older Yamaha BC2 units. You can control three midi channels, 1,2,3 channel…, simultaneously on your keyboard. 
MRTaudio Breath Controller works with any keyboard with midi in device. Using MRTaudio Headset is easier and requires less effort compared to Yamaha BC3A. MRTaudio is convenient to use in 3 and more hour-long playings.  
We have tested it with  
Korg series : Pa80, Pa1x, Pa2x, Pa3x, Pa500, Pa600, Pa900, Pa800, M3, Kronos, Kross 
Yamaha Series: Or700 – A1000 – A2000 – Tyros II – Tyros III – Tyros 4 – Motif XF – Yamaha MOXF6
Roland Series: Bk5 – Bk9 – Fantom (S) , roland xp30, roland xp50 ,

It will work with all MIDI input devices…

IMPORTANT : The headset works only with MRTaudio converter box! And the product does not include any mic or audio equipment. It uses next generation pressure sensor!! This product is a high precision instrument. 

Package includes: 

1 x MRTaudio MIDI Converter box.  
1 x MRTaudio Headset  
1x 100 mm short type pipe  
1x  Mouthpiece New version with folding screw
1 x MIDI Cable (180 cm) 
1 x USB A Type Cable  
1 x USB Adapter(EU SOCKET) 
1x User Manual 



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